Leather Thickness Gauge

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Something that is of vital importance when choosing the leather you are going to use for a project is the thickness of the leather. The thickness affects measurements, weight, and sometimes most important, the flexibility of movement.

One of the first measurement tools, along with a ruler, should be your thickness gauge. We have a lightweight gauge that covers the majority of thicknesses used up to 14 gauge. This item is made from 1/4" plywood, however, can be special ordered in a solid wood if desired. Just contact us. 

Not only does this tool feature the ounce measurement of the leather it also has the equivalent conversions for inches and mm, for easy conversion and recording of leather stock, or converting for different markets. 

Each Birch gauge is finished with Danish Oil to protect the wood grain over time. Our Cedar gauges are left unfinished so it does not mask the aroma of the Cedarwood. All gauges have the edges waxed and burnished to protect against moisture. If you would like an unfinished item, or if you would like us to use a different finish on your particular tool, please let us know in the comments when purchasing.

Birch veneered MDF: These gauges are more stout as the inner core is denser, but please make a note not to get these gauges too wet, as the inner core may swell due to the sensitivity of MDF to wet materials.


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